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The KORG C1 AIR Digital Piano incorporates a stylish design that looks great in any room.

KORG sets a new standard with the C1 AIR. With a superb sound this piano is perfect for beginner and professional pianists alike.

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Ellis Piano | KORG C1 Air Keys Digital Piano | Birmingham, AL Piano StoreRH3 Action

The KORG C1 Air is equipped with the RH3 Weighted Hammer Action. This action accurately simulates the key weighting of an acoustic piano. The weighting starts off heavier in the bass and progressively get lighter up the  keyboard. This provides a much more natural feel.




Ellis Piano | KORG C1 Air Bluetooth Digital Piano | Birmingham, AL Piano StoreBluetooth Audio

The KORG C1 AIR Digital Piano includes bluetooth audio. Play along with your favorite songs right from your phone. This makes practicing so much more fun and enjoyable. When not practicing, use your piano as an entertainment system as you play songs through the speakers of your piano.

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