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Acoustic Pianos stand at the center of music creation, with an impressive range and dynamic expression. The piano excels as the instrument of choice for colleges, institutions, churches, organizations, and homes. No matter what genre, culture, or language a note is spoken, music opens doors to any and everyone who wills it. Educators around the globe agree that the study of music enhances all parts of learning. Students immediately show how the power of music is a human impulse that starts at the core of learning and not on the periphery, creating an amazing benefit that not only stays with each person for the rest of their lives, but music also creates avenues for which one can explore. To better understand the paths and choices one can expound upon, check out the many manufactures Ellis Piano has meticulously cultivated to give each customer the quality they deserve.

Birmingham, AL Music Store | Bosendorfer Acoustic Pianos | Ellis Piano

Bosendorfer Acoustic Pianos

Hand-Crafted in Austria, Bosendorfer Acoustic Pianos are simply the best pianos built today. With almost 200 years of experience, Bosendorfer has found the perfect balance of art and engineering. Acquiring a Bosendorfer is a lifetime dream for many musicians, and with devotion and care for the artist in mind, Bosendorfer makes that dream come true.

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Fazioli Acoustic Pianos

Fazioli hand-crafts a number of amazing pianos and has been recognized as one of the best piano manufacturers in the world. Their attention to detail shines through every piano with a carefully crafted tone that sparkles. Ellis Piano is proud to carry one of the best hand-built pianos in the world. Come in today and play one of these incredible instruments

Birmingham Music Store | Shigeru Kawai Acoustic Pianos | Ellis PIanoShigeru Kawai Acoustic Pianos

Kawai has encapsulated elegance and design into an extraordinary engineering marvel. Not only is each Shigeru Kawai handcrafted from their most experienced Master Piano Artisans, but each piano is infused with tradition and revolution mechanics. Each Shigeru is built from a Master Piano Artisans motto, “Dream, Honor, Passion, Soul!”  

Birmingham, AL Music Store | Yamaha Acoustic Pianos | Ellis PianoYamaha Acoustic Pianos

Yamaha is known for their superier quality and performance, while creating a piano, thats not only one of the world’s most dependable and reliable instruments, but is also an oustanding value.

Birmingham Music Store | Kawai Acoustic Pianos | Ellis PianoKawai Acoustic Pianos

For over 80 years, Kawai has earned an oustanding reputation for its quality and workmanship in traditional built musical instruments. As a result Kawai has earned its spot as one of the world’s largest piano builders.

Birmingham Music Store | Schimmel Acoustic Pianos | Ellis PianoSchimmel Acoustic Pianos

Passion and Courage is the founding and consistent force that innovates and creates one of the most prestigious handcrafted acoustic pianos in the world. After 125 years, Schimmel is still owned and operated by the same family that started it all. They are still handcrafting the pianos of the future, while maintaining the idea that “Quality will prevail.”

Birmingham, AL Music Store | Knabe Acoustic Pianos Logo #1 | Ellis Piano Knabe Acoustic Pianos

Founded in 1837, Knabe has continue a rich history of making quality instruments. From the New York Metropolitan Opera to the stage at Carnegie Hall. Knabe Acoustic Pianos have touched and still continue to touch American lives today. Ellis Piano is proud to carry such a distinguished name in the piano industry.


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