Acoustic Pianos at Ellis Piano

For those who love the traditional, rich sound of a piano, an acoustic piano may be the best choice for you when deciding on a piano. An acoustic piano is a great option for piano players of all skill levels.

The most commonly known piano is the grand piano, which is widely recognized for its traditional look, sound quality, and playing experience. These beautiful musical instruments are fine acoustic pianos for both concert halls and private piano lessons.

If you have decided that an acoustic piano is a great choice for your musical journey, there are a few factors to consider before investing in the piano for you.

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What Is an Acoustic Piano?

Compared to newer digital pianos, the traditional acoustic piano still holds up well and has not lost its edge in the piano purchasing market.

An acoustic piano uses hammers and strings to get the unique sound associated with each beautiful note. The different styles of acoustic pianos still use the same components to make the sounds, but there are some differences when looking at a grand piano or baby grand piano in comparison to an upright piano.

Grand pianos are longer, and the strings run horizontally throughout the body of the piano. The unique shape of the grand piano and baby grand piano are both attributed specifically to the way these strings run in each piano.

Upright pianos, on the other hand, run their strings vertically through the back of the piano, allowing for a more compact design that is desired for family members of all skill levels.

Selecting the Right Acoustic Piano

When choosing the right acoustic piano for you, there are several factors that need to be taken into consideration, including the style of piano that fits the space and the use of the piano to ensure you play beautiful music with your instrument.

As mentioned, the most well-known acoustic piano is the grand piano, which is primarily seen in more professional performances and is generally used by advanced pianists. When a piano is in a home or apartment, an upright acoustic piano is a popular choice for its space-saving qualities.

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Maintaining Your Acoustic Piano

When you purchase an acoustic piano, it is important to keep in mind the maintenance that is associated with keeping your piano in prime condition.

Regular tuning is important to make sure the piano sound is not hindered. If you have the appropriate experience, you may be able to tune a piano on your own; however, it is recommended you have a professional tune your acoustic piano for the best results.

The professional staff at Ellis Piano have many years of experience tuning pianos, and can help make sure your piano is tuned properly for an outstanding musical expression with the stroke of every note.

Where to Keep Your Acoustic Piano

It is important to keep in mind that an acoustic piano is more susceptible to the conditions in which the piano is stored. Due to the mechanical components of an acoustic piano, the piano should remain in a room temperature room—and the humidity should remain between approximately 45% and 70%.

This is a key part of making sure your piano stays in the best condition and lasts for generations.

What About Hybrid Pianos?

While the above remains true for most acoustic pianos, there are hybrid pianos that also might be a consideration if you want the sound quality of an acoustic piano combined with the functionality of digital pianos.

While a hybrid piano also has hammers, the sounds developed when the keys are struck are produced electronically. For some, this piano can be the best of both worlds.

Why Choose a New Piano?

When investing in any piano, the budget and function of the piano are essential to take into account. A lot of maintenance needs to be performed throughout the life of an acoustic piano and, similar to any other mechanical device, the newer the system is, the less maintenance needs to be done. Pre-owned pianos run more of a risk of continued care for similar performance.

For more information or to learn how a new acoustic piano might be the right fit for you, contact us to speak with one of our team members today. You can also visit our piano gallery in person to see all the brands and piano options that might be perfect for you.


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