Nord keyboards are on the cutting edge of sound reproduction. They are instantly recognizable with their iconic red finish. Clavia Digital Musical Instruments AB started building electronics in the mid-1980s in Sweden. In 1995, they released their first synthesizer, the Nord Lead. In 2005, the Nord brand hit its stride with the Nord Stage. Today you will see Nord keyboards everywhere, from the concert stage to the church worship stage.

Nord builds incredible digitals, and Ellis Piano is proud to carry them. Come in today to try one of these amazing instruments.


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Where Are Nord Keyboards Made?

Nord instruments are still exclusively handmade in their home country, Sweden, with the utmost attention to detail and precision to ensure quality control. They quickly garnered mainstream popularity and can be seen in many settings today, from TV studios to concert stages. A Nord keyboard is considered top-of-the-line for electric pianos and is the keyboard of choice for a performing musician or a hobbyist, thanks to its exceptional sound quality, innovative design, and longstanding value.

Why Are Nord Keyboards So Popular?

Besides being a quality instrument that is exceptionally well-made, why else are Nord keyboards so popular, and why do musicians love them so much? The second answer to that question has a lot to do with the features they have. Take the Nord Stage 2, for example. It has a Modular feature that enables the keyboardist to choose from four different modules with an On/Off button. The four modules include the Organ, Piano, Synth, and Effects.

The musician has 3 different organs they can choose from: Farf, B3Tonewheel, and Vox. And although the Nord doesn’t actually have drawbars, you can use the drawbar buttons to get the precise sound you’re looking for. With everything clearly labeled and its own On/Off button, the musician can easily add in and adjust certain tones like vibrato, chorus, percussion, etc.

Like the organ module, the piano module has an On/Off button and different kinds of pianos to choose from: Clavs, Harpsichords, Grand, and Upright, with each kind having different models to choose from. The keyboardist can easily shift octaves and adjust acoustics without using the 88-key version.

The Nord is beginner-friendly for those unfamiliar with synth sounds. Using the Oscillator, the keyboardist can shift through sources, including waves, samples, and FM to create unique sounds. Other easy-to-use features that enable the keyboardist to incorporate new sounds are the built-in arpeggiator, the filter section, the Amp and Mod, as well as more options like delay, glide, unison, legato, and others.

In addition to the accessories that can be added, all these abilities combine to make an incredibly flexible, dynamic, and powerful electric keyboard that can enhance performance and make beautiful music. 

Do Nord Keyboards Have Built-In Speakers?

One important factor to note about Nord Keyboards is that they do not have built-in speakers. Because Nord specializes in high-end, highly customizable performance keyboards, they are built with the idea of utilizing an external speaker system, like the Nord Piano Monitor system, for stage use rather than internal speakers.

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