Ellis Piano is excited to present our newest piano series, our World Class European Restored Steinway Piano Line!
Here at Ellis Piano, we are firm believers in offering a wide variety of options for our customers to compare as they search for their perfect piano. With this new series, Ellis Piano is now able to offer high-end, fully-restored Steinway pianos that were originally crafted when the Steinway family was still involved. The quality of these rebuilds put them on par with the likes of new Steinway pianos, but are much more budget friendly. These restored Steinways combine the skilled craftsmanship of world-class piano rebuilders with high-quality, premier piano parts, allowing for Ellis Piano to even offer a longer warranty than what can be found with new Steinway pianos! Interested in finding a pristine instrument for your home, school, or place of worship? Come by our store to see why so many piano aficionados have proclaimed that our World Class European Restored Steinway Pianos are some of the best pianos they have ever experienced!

Restored Steinway Piano

Restored Steinway Pianos

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