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The Nord Electro 6D 73 is a professional 73-key keyboard with a variety of vintage keyboard emulations.

This keyboard is the sixth generation of this series and it includes advanced features like 3 independent sound sections and seamless transitions.

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The Nord Electro 6D allows for seamless transitions with advanced layer and split functionality. No longer are keyboards bound to switching sounds in between songs, this keyboard allows the artist to adjust and transition on the fly.






Sound Sections

This keyboard features a dedicated organ section along with a piano and sample synth section. The organ emulation uses drawbars and vibratos to reproduce that vintage sound. The piano section offers fantastic acoustic and electric piano sounds. The sample synth section allows the user to incorporate either a sample such as a string section or horns and the synth section allows the user to play with vintage analog synths.

The Keyboard Experience

This keyboard is an absolute joy to play and Ellis Piano is proud to carry such a fine instrument. Call or come in and try the Nord Electro 6D for yourself along with all of our other Nord products.



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Electro 6D 73

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21 lbs

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