Kawai Pianos History

Koichi Kawai and colleagues smiling in sepia tone
Kawai is one of the most sought after and reliable pianos on the market. Kawai’s expressive tone and dramatic touch make the perfect instrument for almost any situation. Kawai’s history has been rooted in building a quality instrument for pianists of all skill levels.
Kawai’s was founded 1927 by Koichi Kawai. With the help of seven colleagues, Kawai formed the Kawai Musical Instrument Research Laboratory in Hamamatsu, Japan. This laboratory came to existence from leading the Research and Development for another piano company. From there, Kawai has built a name on quality and reliability. Ellis Piano is proud to carry these wonderful instruments and we invite you to try them for yourself.

Kawai Videos

Kawai’s Philosophy

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Kawai GX Series

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Kawai GL Series

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KAWAI K Series

Kawai K Series Professional Upright Pianos are among some of the best made uprights on the market. They are found in schools, teacher studios, and homes. They are admired for their outstanding tone and incredible Millennium III upright action. If you’re looking for an instrument that will help prepare your students for performing success, there is no better choice than a K Series Professional Upright.

Kawai Institutional Series

Kawai institutional pianos are built to last. Schools, universities, churches and performance depend on an instrument that will stand the varied conditions of their environment. Kawai institutional pianos are among some of the best choices for their structural integrity. They are designed and constructed to perform admirably in any institutional environment.

Kawai Designer Series

The Kawai Designer and Decorator Console Pianos were created to add beauty and quality to the pianist’s home. Underneath these beautiful consoles, stands a quality instrument with an impressive resonance. These pianos are sure to please every member of the family. If you are looking for an instrument of beauty and durability then this series is for you.

Kawai Anytime Pianos

There are moments when a pianist needs to be able to play with headphones. A silent piano comes in handy in practice rooms, living rooms, and studios. The solution to the need for a silent piano is the Kawai AnyTime Hybrid. This is a piano you can play anytime without disturbing anyone or have anyone disturb you.

The Kawai Anytime Pianos come on three piano models: Kawai K-200, Kawai K-300, and the Kawai Baby Grand GL-30.

The Kawai Anytime Pianos currently have two types of Anytime Systems, ATX-2 and the new ATX-3.

The Kawai Anytime System ATX-3 is not available for all of the piano models listed above.

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(Not all units are in stock. Contact us for pricing, availability, and available finishes.)

Kawai GL Series

Kawai’s GL Series Grand Pianos are the intro into the Kawai grand line. The GL series are one of the most popular pianos on the market today. They give the player an amazing value for the price and they work well in smaller venues and homes.  If you are looking for a great baby grand or smaller grand piano, then you should check out the Kawai GL Series.

The GL-10 has everything a pianist needs to succeed – superb tone, exceptional touch and a range of exclusive design elements that will sustain its outstanding performance for years to come.

Ellis Piano | Kawai GL-10 | Birmingham, AL Piano Store

The GL-20 possesses every design element of ground-breaking GL-10 Baby Grand Piano in a larger 5’2″ size that provides greater bass resonance and a more impressive visual profile.

Ellis Piano | Kawai GL-20 | Birmingham, AL Piano Store

The most distinctive feature of the 5’5″ GL-30 Classic Grand is its flexible size that is larger than the average baby grand piano, but not quite as large as the traditional classic grand.

Ellis Piano | Kawai GL-30 | Birmingham, AL Piano Store

The GL-40 Classic Salon Grand offers the dignified presence of a classic grand with an incredible tonal character.

Ellis Piano | Kawai GL-40 | Birmingham, AL Piano Store

The GL-50 Conservatory Grand is especially popular among music institutions and professional studios.

Ellis Piano | Kawai Gl-50 | Birmingham, AL Piano Store

Kawai GX BLAK Series

Kawai’s GX BLAK Series Grand Pianos are professional grade grand pianos that fit almost any space. The GX series builds off of the legacy built by the famed Kawai KG and RX BLAK series. These instruments can fit in concert venues, churches, and schools. If you are a professional player or institution and need a piano that is going to sound amazing and last for a long time, then you play a Kawai GX Series Piano.

The GX-1 BLAK Series Classic Grand offers the professional pianist a superb range of tonal expressiveness and a level of elegance and incredible craftsmanship for a piano of its size.

Ellis Piano | Kawai GX-1 | Birmingham, AL Piano Store

The GX-2 BLAK Classic Salon Grand combines the stately presence of a classic grand with an exquisite clarity of tone that is classically superb.

Ellis Piano | Kawai GX-2 | Birmingham, AL Piano Store

The GX-3 BLAK Series Conservatory Grand Piano impresses with a dignified elegance and distinctive tone evoking the qualities of a much larger grand.

Ellis Piano | Kawai GX-3 | Birmingham, AL Piano Store

The GX-5 BLAK Series Chamber Grand is the artist’s “grand for all seasons.” With resplendent tone and superb power in a flexible 6’7″ size, it adapts to an exceptional range of musical requirements and performance venues.

Ellis Piano | Kawai GX-5 | Birmingham, AL Piano Store

The GX-6 BLAK combines exquisite tone with stunning beauty to offer an instrument befitting the a small concert hall or professional studio.

Ellis Piano | Kawai GX-6 | Birmingham, AL Piano Store

At the lofty pinnacle of the GX BLAK Series, the regal GX-7 Semi-Concert Grand speaks with the transcendent character and authority that has made it a perfect choice for professional pianists.

Ellis Piano | Kawai GX-7 | Birmingham, AL Piano Store

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