Schimmel Pianos History

The founders of Schimmel Pianos in black and white
Hand-built in Germany, Schimmel Pianos are fantastic instruments. Their rich tone shines as each note is played. The company was started by Wilhelm Schimmel in 1885. Wilhelm completed his training in Leipzig and began production of his first piano in 1885. His instruments were so impressive the company adopted the slogan “Quality Will Prevail.” Today, the Pearl River Company owns a majority stake of the Schimmel Piano Company, but the pianos are still hand built in Germany the way they always have been. Ellis Piano is proud to carry these magnificent instruments and invite you to play one as well.

Schimmel Video of Handcrafting Process

Ellis Piano | Schimmel Pianos Video of Hancrafted Process | Birmingham, AL Piano Store

Schimmel Piano Models

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Ellis Piano | Wilhelm Schimmel W180 | Birmingham, AL Piano Store

Wilhelm W180 5’9″ Grand Piano

Wilhelm Pianos are apart of the Schimmel Piano line. They are hand built in Poland and give the player a beautiful Schimmel Piano for less. These pianos also come in several different finishes and amazing cabinetry.

Ellis Piano | Schimmel K219 | Birmingham, AL Piano Store

Schimmel K219 7’2″ Conservatory Grand Piano

The Schimmel K219 Conservatory Grand Piano is one of Schimmels most popular piano sizes. It induces grace and strength with a magnificent tone. The K219 is a fantastic instrument for a professional musician, school, or church.

Ellis Piano | Schimmel K230 | Birmingham, AL Piano Store

Schimmel K230 7’6″ Semi-Concert Grand Piano

The Schimmel K230 Semi-Concert Grand Piano is one of Schimmels most sought after pianos. It’s superb tone and elegant touch make it a perfect instrument for almost in situation.

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