Yamaha History

Torakusu Yamaha, bas-relief, and the organ assembly process for Yamaha pianos
Yamaha is one of the most popular and consistent pianos on the market. Their clear tone and responsive touch makes a Yamaha perfect for almost any situation. Even though Yamaha builds everything from pianos to motorcycles, their foundation is rooted in music.
Yamaha’s story begins when its founder, Torakusu Yamaha, successfully repaired a reed organ in 1887. Not too long after, Mr. Yamaha completed Japan’s first reed organ. From their Yamaha established his own company and started building pianos around 1900.  Since then Yamaha has always kept the signature tuning forks in their logo to represent their foundation and commitment to music. Ellis Piano is proud to carry these wonderful instruments and we invite you to try them for yourself.

Yamaha Videos

Cesare Picco Playing Yamaha CFX

Ellis Piano | Yamaha CFX Video | Birmingham, AL Piano Store

Overview Of Yamaha CX Series

Ellis Piano | Yamaha CFX Series Video | Birmingham, AL Piano Store

Yamaha Making A Piano Soundboard

Ellis Piano | Yamaha Soundboard Video | Birmingham, AL Piano Store

Yamaha Refining A Piano Action

Ellis Piano | Yamaha Action Video | Birmingham, AL Piano Store

Yamaha Frame And Stringing

Ellis Piano | Yamaha String Video | Birmingham, AL Piano Store

Yamaha Tuning And Regulation

Ellis Piano | Yamaha Tuning Video | Birmingham, AL Piano Store


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Yamaha U Series

Yamaha’s U Series is the top of the line in performance. These pianos can fit in the most demanding spaces like schools, churches, and studios. If you are looking for a professional instrument, you must try the Yamaha U series.

Yamaha b Series & P22

Yamaha’s B series and P22 Pianos are fantastic instruments that give the player a ton of sound for the price. These instruments are perfect for smaller venues and home use. If you are a hobbyist or a growing professional, you must try these instruments.

Yamaha Gallery Collection

Yamaha’s Gallery Collections are built with homes and studios in mind. These pianos provide a fantastic tone with a gorgeous cabinet. If you are someone who wants a terrific playing piano with a beautiful cabinet for your home, then you must give these pianos a try.


(Not all units are in stock. Contact us for pricing, availability, and available finishes.)

Yamaha G Series

Yamaha’s G Series Grand Pianos are the intro into the grand line. The G series are one of the most popular line of pianos on the market. They give the player a great value for the price and they work well in smaller venues and homes.  If you are looking for a great baby grand for a smaller space and budget, then you should check out the Yamaha G Series.

The GB1K, Yamaha’s most compact and affordable grand, is a popular choice for locations where space is somewhat limited, with full resonant tone comparable to that of many substantially larger models.
Ellis Piano | Yamaha GB1K | Birmingham, AL Piano Store
With the power, tonality and expressive range of classic grand pianos, Yamaha GC1 is an admirable choice for smaller rooms and budgets.
Ellis Piano | Yamaha GC1 | Birmingham, AL Piano Store
The beautiful GC2 combines the duplex scaling and rich tonal character of the coveted C2 grand with cost-saving advantages in materials and production to create an instrument that’s both exceptionally expressive and uncommonly affordable.

Ellis Piano | Yamaha GC2 | Birmingham, AL Piano Store

Yamaha CX Series

Yamaha’s CX series are professional grade grand pianos that fit almost any space. The CX series builds off of the legacy of the Yamaha C series. These instruments can fit in concert venues, churches, and schools. If you are a professional player or institution and need a piano that is going to sound amazing for a long time, then you have to come see the Yamaha CX Series.

Superb balance and rich tone. Every inch of the compact CX1 exudes Yamaha’s passion for the ideal piano.

Ellis Piano | Yamaha C1X | Birmingham, AL Piano Store

The C2X possess a clear, crisp sound, pure, and with a superb depth of tone for a piano below 6 ft.

Ellis Piano | Yamaha C2X | Birmingham, AL Piano Store

In setting out to design a piano that could resonate with the pianist, the designers of the CX Series have created instruments that can truly sing and the C3X is an amazing example of this.

Ellis Piano | Yamaha C3X | Birmingham, AL Piano Store

The voice of a piano has a limitless facility for expression, shifting with the melody and overlaying notes into a wonderful harmony. C5X is a high-grade grand piano, possessing both power and subtlety.

Ellis Piano | Yamaha C5X | Birmingham, AL Piano Store

A powerful, forceful presence, the C6X piano possess a wealth of reverberation, taking in the nuances of a player’s intentions and reflecting them in the depth and projection of the music itself.

Ellis Piano | Yamaha C6X | Birmingham, AL Piano Store

The C7X is the top model in the CX Series and  is very close to a concert grand, and “sings” with a voice of refined grace.

Ellis Piano | Yamaha C7X | Birmingham, AL Piano Store

Yamaha CFX

Yamaha’s Hand-Crafted CFX Concert Grand, is the ultimate piano. Combining Yamaha’s over 100 years of knowledge and craftsmanship, this piano is absolutely amazing. The CFX can fit the most demanding concert halls and large venue spaces. If you are a professional or an institution that needs the very best, then Yamaha’s CFX Concert Grand piano is for you.

The nine foot CFX is a full sized concert grand piano characterized by a wide palette of tonal colors and the ability to create the most subtle expressive nuances. The CFX can project over the sound of a symphony orchestra, even in very large halls. The crowning glory of the Yamaha line, today’s CFX concert grand incorporates numerous refinements in performance, appearance and safety, elevating this revered instrument to an even higher standard of excellence.

Ellis Piano | Yamaha CFX | Birmingham, AL Piano Store

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