Digital Pianos at Ellis Piano in Birmingham

There are several things to consider if you want to purchase a digital piano. A digital piano uses a power source and recordings to produce similar sounds to that of an acoustic piano. As a premier piano seller, Ellis Piano has a large inventory of digital pianos to fit your piano needs if you feel a digital piano would be best for you.

What Are Digital Pianos?

A digital piano looks much like its well-known counterpart: the acoustic piano. However, it does require a power source to play. Unlike an acoustic piano, the digital piano does not have strings and hammers used to produce the notes’ sounds. Instead, the digital piano uses recordings from the best acoustic pianos, reproducing the sounds of those notes when a key is struck.

Additional Features of a Digital Piano

Several features might be appealing to those who want a digital piano. When playing songs or creating music on the piano, these features can provide essential elements to each piece that you would not be able to accomplish with a standard acoustic piano.

Some brands of digital piano have pedals, while others have the option to add those pedals to your digital piano for a more traditional performance of the instrument. The sustain pedal is the most commonly used pedal for an acoustic piano, and some digital pianos have the sustain pedal included or, at least, as an add-on option

A Similar Feel with More Features

Some digital pianos have fully weighted keys to mimic the traditional feel and touch sensitivity one would get when playing an acoustic piano. 

This replicated keyboard action can keep the experience the same, and can be particularly appealing for those who use both acoustic and digital pianos. For those who prefer a lighter touch to the piano keyboard on their instruments, some brands omit weighted keys to satisfy those preferences.. This option is geared more toward those who are experienced piano players, as the lighter strokes required to produce music can cause difficulty for beginners.

Uses of Digital Pianos

For those who conduct piano lessons, the choice of a digital piano can be a great addition. Some models of digital pianos include partner mode, which allows two people to play side-by-side. This makes the teaching experience more hands-on, allowing beginners to enjoy playing more during the learning process. While in partner mode for digital keyboards and pianos, the keys can be played side-by-side, which helps the learner work note by note with the instructor.

Silent pianos are an excellent addition for those who share space with others, as the headphone jack allows the player to listen to their music without disturbing others. This is an excellent option for parents looking to purchase a piano—while wanting to limit sound echoing.

Why Choose a Digital Piano

Some things must be considered when determining whether a digital or acoustic piano is the right choice for you and your family. Unlike an acoustic piano, the maintenance process for a digital piano is significantly decreased. If you purchase a digital piano as a gift, this option virtually ensures the recipient does not have continued maintenance costs.

Additionally, suppose you are interested in adding other recordings to your song or having more control over the volume settings while playing. In that case, using a digital piano gives you more options than other pianos. Digital pianos can also record specific sounds, which deliver a more complete musical experience while the pianist plays individually or with a group.

Purchasing a Digital Piano

Among the inventory of digital pianos at Ellis Piano, there are a variety of brands you can choose from when selecting the right piano for you. From available instruments, Yamaha and Disklavier are some of the most popular choices among pianists who shop with us at Ellis Piano.

Digital Pianos Are Great for a Budget

The price point of a digital piano is also a great selling point for those deciding on a piano. A digital piano allows you to produce a similar music quality to an acoustic piano for a much lower price. The specific features and add-ons you choose for your model of digital piano do have a direct impact on the purchase price of that piano. If you are a beginner on a strict budget, a digital piano can be a great way to get started and eventually build on your instrumental options.

Contact Us to Find the Perfect Digital Piano for You

If you are interested in purchasing a digital piano, go to the “Contact Us” page to get in touch with one of our trusted team members today. You can also visit our showroom to see all of the digital pianos we offer, and observe how some of the additional add-on features can benefit you as you play.


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