Fazioli Pianos History

Paolo Fazioli crafting a piano by hand
Hand-built in Italy, Fazioli Pianos are renowned for being one of the best pianos in the industry. Their crisp sparkling tone shines as each note is played. The Fazioli Piano Company was started by Paolo Fazioli. Paolo was born in Rome in 1944, into a family of furniture makers. From a very early age he demonstrated a gift for music and a keen interest in the piano. In 1981 the Fazioli Piano Company was founded. Today his pianos rank among the best and Ellis Piano is proud to carry these magnificent instruments.

Fazioli: From Handcraft to Music

Fazioli Handcraft to Music

Fazioli on CBS Sunday Morning

Watch this amazing video of where Fazioli gets their woods for their extraordinary pianos!

>Fazioli Piano Models

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Ellis Piano | Fazioli F156 | Birmingham, AL Piano Store

F156 5’2″ Baby Grand Piano

The smallest grand piano built by Fazioli. The F156 has a surprisingly reach sound for its size.

Ellis Piano | Fazioli F183 | Birmingham, AL Piano Store

F183 6’0″ Grand Piano

The F183 6’0″ Grand Piano brings out the mellow and rich sounds suited for almost any piano repertoire.

Ellis Piano | Fazioli F212 | Birmingham, AL Piano Store

F212 7’0″ Conservatory Grand Piano

The F212 is the perfect piano for either the concert stage or a home studio.

Ellis Piano | Fazioli F228 | Birmingham, AL Piano Store

F228 7’6″ Semi-Concert Grand Piano

The F228 Semi-Concert Grand Piano is an amazing piano that’s clarity would ring through encompassing concert halls or stages.

Ellis Piano | Fazioli F278 | Birmingham, AL Piano Store

F278 9’2″ Concert Grand Piano

The F278 Concert Grand is an extraordinary piano built with the concert stage in mind.

Ellis Piano | Fazioli F308 | Birmingham, AL Piano Store

F308 10’2″ Concert Grand Piano

The F308 is the crown jewel of the Fazioli piano family. There is no stage to big for this magnificent grand piano.

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