Fazioli Pianos History

Paolo Fazioli crafting a piano by hand

Hand-built in Italy, Fazioli Pianos is renowned for being one of the best piano brands in the industry. Their crisp, sparkling tone shines as each note is played. The Fazioli Piano Company was founded by pianist Paolo Fazioli. Paolo was born in Rome in 1944 into a family of furniture makers. From a very early age, he demonstrated a gift for music and a keen interest in the piano. In 1981, the Fazioli Piano Company was founded.

Paolo Fazioli incorporates the most advanced piano technology into his work, making them modern musical works of art. With only 140 pianos produced each year, Fazioli personally inspects each instrument before it leaves the factory.

As the premiere piano of choice for many of the world’s most prestigious pianists, including Herbie Hancock and Angela Hewitt, Fazioli pianos rank among the best in the world today, which is why Ellis Piano is proud to carry these magnificent instruments.

Fazioli: From Handcraft to Music

Fazioli Handcraft to Music

How Much Does a Fazioli Piano Cost?

As a relative newcomer in the world of piano manufacturers, Fazioli has quickly gained international acclaim as some of the best pianos in the world thanks to their clear, crisp sound and extraordinary attention to detail. Faziolio Piano produces six models to choose from, ranging from baby grands to the concert grand. So, how much can you expect to invest in a Fazioli piano?

As one of the most exclusive piano brands, Fazioli pianos start in the low six-figure range and increase depending on the model, design, and finish. Only the best materials are utilized in the production of Fazioli pianos, from the materials used for the strings and hammers to the wood selection utilized throughout the body of the piano.

Additionally, according to Fazioli, the entire production journey, starting from the initial rim bending to the final product, spans approximately two years and demands a combination of technological expertise, exceptional craftsmanship, rigorous material selection, and ongoing scientific exploration.

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Fazioli on CBS Sunday Morning

Watch this amazing video of where Fazioli gets their woods for their extraordinary pianos!

>Fazioli Piano Models

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Ellis Piano | Fazioli F156 | Birmingham, AL Piano Store

F156 5’2″ Baby Grand Piano

At 5’2″ long, the Fazioli F156 is the smallest piano designed by the Italian piano manufacturer. However, what it lacks in size, it makes up for in purity and quality of sound. The F156 has a surprising sound reach for its size, making it an excellent investment for music teachers and for a home piano. F156 Fazioli pianos boast the same quality craftsmanship as the grand and concert grand pianos.
Standard colors for the F156 include black, white, red, and blue, with finish options of Macassar, Piuma di Mogano, and Tamo. Baby grand pianos are a wonderful choice for those with limited space but still want to enjoy the exquisite sounds of one of these hand-crafted instruments.

Ellis Piano | Fazioli F183 | Birmingham, AL Piano Store

F183 6’0″ Grand Piano

The F183 6’0″ Grand Piano brings out the mellow and rich sounds suited for almost any piano repertoire. If you’re short on space but need a piano that offers a big sound, this may be the one for you. The F183’s projecting tone delicately balances bass and treble to exceed its small dimensions.
For F183 Fazioli pianos, standard colors include black, white, red, and blue. Finishes include Macassar, Pyramid mahogany, and Tamo.

Ellis Piano | Fazioli F212 | Birmingham, AL Piano Store

F212 7’0″ Conservatory Grand Piano

The F212 is the perfect piano for either the concert stage or a home studio. It’s considered the classic size for performing and teaching with a wide, dynamic range of sound. Use this work of art instrument in your home to play and wow guests with its beautiful craftsmanship, hand-made in Italy.
For F212 Fazioli pianos, colors include black, white, red, and blue, with finishes in Macassar, Pyramid mahogany, and Tamo. This model nicely complements rehearsal spaces, small churches, professional studios, and home use.

Ellis Piano | Fazioli F228 | Birmingham, AL Piano Store

F228 7’6″ Semi-Concert Grand Piano

The F228 Semi-Concert Grand Piano is an exceptional instrument known for its clarity that fills concert halls, concert venues, and stages alike. It is also well-suited for chamber music with a deep, powerful bass and uncompromising tonal quality. With all of the power, ease, and grace of a concert grand, this smaller counterpart is used by many professional music artists.
For F228 Fazioli pianos, colors include black, white, red, and blue. And they come in finishes Macassar, Pyramid mahogany, and Tamo. This model is great for small to medium venues and churches.

Ellis Piano | Fazioli F278 | Birmingham, AL Piano Store

F278 9’2″ Concert Grand Piano

The F278 Concert Grand is an extraordinary piano built with the concert stage in mind. The F278 possesses impressive power and a remarkable balance between its bass and treble. It also excellently employs a wide dynamic range and harmonic depth, making it an indisputable choice for large concert halls and recording studios. It is suitable for both solo performances and those accompanied by a large orchestra.
For F278 Fazioli pianos, color options include black, white, red, and blue, with optional finishes including Macassar, Pyramid mahogany, and Tamo.

Ellis Piano | Fazioli F308 | Birmingham, AL Piano Store

F308 10’2″ Concert Grand Piano

The Fazioli F308 is the crown jewel of the Fazioli piano family. There is no stage too big for this magnificent concert grand piano. Its extra foot of length and volume-reducing fourth pedal make it truly one of a kind and a standout from its counterparts. You’ll be hard-pressed to find a rival to its immense power and extraordinary harmonic richness.
For F308 Fazioli pianos color options include black, white, red, and blue, with optional finishes including Macassar, Pyramid mahogany, and Tamo. This masterpiece concert grand piano is perfectly suited for a concert hall or full symphonic orchestra.

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