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Yamaha Disklavier History

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In the 1970s, solenoid-based player systems were beginning to be added to pianos. In 1987, Yamaha took this concept to a new level. They introduced the Disklavier reproducing piano.

The first Disklavier model was the MX100A. This model was available on the U1 upright piano. The control unit was built into the cabinet.

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WAS 1990

Starting in 1989, Yamaha began marketing the Disklavier system on different grand piano sizes. Even thought this system was ahead of it's time the control unit had a rather substantial power supply. The control unit was also in a cabinet on wheels and this system was termed as the Wagon Grand Disklavier.

In the 1990s, Yamaha built a number of standard models for the Disklavier systems. The most popular systems were the Mark II and Mark IIXG Disklaviers. The Mark II did not use the wagon control unit. They instead, used a relatively small control unit that was mounted under the keys

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FROM 1998-2012

1998 marked a historical moment in the evolution of the Disklavier. The new PRO Disklavier was introduced and offered incredible recording accuracy and playback. In 2002, Yamaha updated the Disklavier once again. The introduced the Mark III standard Disklavier and the Mark III PRO. In 2004, Yamaha introduced the Mark IV. This system was a high quality consumer model was available on grands and smaller pianos.

In 2006, Yamaha introduced the first generation E3 Disklavier in a single upright model (U1) and in the C2 and smaller grand pianos. In 2012, Yamaha replaced the Mark IV series with standard and PRO versions of the E3. The standard version (complete with hammer sensors) was made available on the C2 and smaller grand pianos. All larger pianos (from the C3 and up) were outfitted with the PRO system.


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Yamaha ENSPIRE CL Series

The Yamaha Disklavier Enspire CL Series is the intro into the reproducing piano systems. It is the perfect instrument for a home. Add a sophisticated, fun or soulful musical ambiance to your lifestyle with an Enspire CL.

This System is available on Yamaha’s DGB1K ENCL 5′ Baby Grand Piano.

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Yamaha ENSPIRE ST Series

The Yamaha Enspire ST Series are the most popular reproducing pianos by Yamaha. These instruments are full of unlimited potential. The ENSPIRE ST also provides full recording and playback functionality.

This System is available on Yamaha’s DGB1K ENST 5′ Baby Grand Piano, DGC1 ENST 5’3″ Baby Grand, DGC2 ENST 5’8″ Grand Piano, DC1X ENST 5’3″ Baby Grand Piano, and DC2X ENST 5’8″ Grand Piano.

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Yamaha ENSPIRE PRO Series

The Yamaha Disklavier ENSPIRE PRO offers the highest resolution recording and playback. This high quality system is also paired with the highest quality acoustic pianos for those who want nothing but the best.

This System is available on Yamaha’s DC3X ENPRO 6’1″ Grand Piano, DC5X ENPRO 6’7″ Conservatory Grand Piano, DC6X ENPRO 7′ Conservatory Grand Piano, DC7X ENPRO Semi-Concert Grand Piano, DCFX ENPRO 9′ Concert Grand Piano and more.

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