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Bösendorfer 225 Video

Bösendorfer 225 Story

Bösendorfer began crafting pianos in 1828. Today they are one of the oldest piano manufactures in the world. One reason for there success is their amazing attention to detail. For example the Bösendorfer 225 takes 4-6 years to build. The 225 is one of the rare pianos that Bösendorfer crafts that incorporates extra bass notes. The extra bass notes improve several aspects of the piano, like harmonic tone and resonance. This gives the instrument a unique and elite sound, unlike any other piano in production today.

Bösendorfer’s founder, Ignaz Bösendorfer, was great friends with Franz Liszt. Through this unique collaboration, Bösendorfer was able to fine tune their pianos, which led to Bösendorfer becoming one of the finest pianos in their day. They have continued this mentality and are one of the most coveted pianos in the world.

Bösendorfer started incorporating extra bass notes in their pianos over 100 years ago. They designed and built these pianos at the request of a well known Italian composer, Ferruccio Busoni. Busoni came up with the idea for extra bass keys, because he wanted to transcribe Bach organ pieces. From this idea Bösendorfer designed the Imperial. The Imperial today is the largest production piano in the world.

Bösendorfer is one of the only companies to date that build a solid spruce rim. This is unusual because most manufacturers use lamenated woods for the rim, opting for mixing soft and hard woods. Spruce is one of the best woods for transferring tone and energy throughout the piano. That is why on pianos like the Bösendorfer 225, they have built a solid spruce rim that has been dove tailed to generate that amazing sound you instantly love. To here what the Bösendorfer 225 sounds like check out the Bösendorfer 225 video.

Bösendorfer Piano Models

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Ellis Piano | Bosendorfer 155 | Birmingham, AL Piano Store

155 5’1″ Baby Grand Piano

At 5’1″ the 155 is the smallest of all Bösendorfer grand pianos. Its impressive tonal color is incredible for a baby grand piano.

Ellis Piano | Bosendorfer 170VC | Birmingham, AL Music Store

170VC 5’6″ Grand Piano

The 5’6″ 170VC Grand Piano is a fantastic piano for smaller areas and is the impressive for its size.

Ellis Piano | Bosendorfer 185VC | Birmingham, AL Piano Store

185VC 6’1″ Grand Piano

The 185VC 6’1″ Grand Piano is the intro into the Vienna Concert Grand Series. This piano is the perfect size for a home church or stage.

Ellis Piano | Bosendorfer 200 | Birmingham, AL Piano Store

200 6’7″ Conservatory Grand Piano

The 6’7″ 200 Conservatory Grand Piano is not only expressive but powerful and can fit on a concert stage or a living room.

Ellis Piano | Bosendorfer 214VC | Birmingham, AL Piano Store

214VC 7′ Conservatory Grand Piano

The 214VC 7′ Conservatory Grand Piano is based off of the success of the 280VC. With the upgraded design, the 214VC combines around two centuries of piano craftsmanship experience and the latest technological advances.

Ellis Piano | Bosendorfer 225 | Birmingham, AL Piano Store

225 7’4″ Semi-Concert Grand Piano

The 225 7’4″ Semi-Concert Grand Piano is the classic Bösendorfer Grand Piano. The extra keys and harmonic overtones make this instrument a joy to play.

Ellis Piano | Bosendorfer 280VC | Birmingham, AL Piano Store

280VC 9’2″ Concert Grand Piano

The new 280VC 9’2″ Concert Grand Piano is an engineering achievement. The sophisticated design and legendary sound make this instrument one of the best pianos in the world.

Ellis Piano | Bosendorfer 290 Imperial | Birmingham, AL Piano Store

Imperial 290 9’6″ Concert Grand Piano

When a pianist thinks of Bösendorfer the Imperial 290 9’6″ 97 note Concert GrandPiano is the first piano to come to mind. The 290 Imperial is a sight to behold and is one of the most sought after pianos in the world.

Bösendorfer History

Ellis Piano | Bosendorfer History | Birmingham, AL Piano Store

Hand-built in Austria, Bösendorfer Pianos are famous for being one of the best pianos in the industry. Their expressive and dynamic tone soars as each note is played. The Bösendorfer Piano Company was started by Ignaz Bösendorfer. At the age of 19, he started his apprenticeship with Joseph Brodmann (1763 – 1848), one of the most famous piano makers of his time. Young Ignaz was extremely gifted, and in 1815 he received an award by the Viennese Academy of Arts for his skill. From there, the Bösendorfer Piano Company never looked back and has become one of the best pianos built in the industry and Ellis Piano is proud to carry these magnificent instruments.

Bösendorfer: Amazing Craftmanship

Ellis Piano | Making A Bosendorfer | Birmingham, AL Piano Store

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