With fresh and appealing music written for today’s students, Performance Book 4 of Alfred Premier Piano Course gradually incorporates triplets and sixteenth notes. Students will play a variety of styles ranging from lyrical ballads, pieces with rhythmic flair, jazz, boogie, and ragtime, to original classics. New concepts include natural and harmonic minor scales (A and E minor), one octave arpeggios and chord inversions. The music, complete with performance tips, carefully supports the new concepts contained in the corresponding Lesson Book 4. Each piece on the CD was recorded at a performance tempo and a slower practice tempo. 32 pages.

Contents Include:

  • Along the River Seine
  • Cappuccino Boogie
  • House of the Rising Sun
  • The Legend of Atlantis
  • Letters from Home
  • Minuet in F Major
  • Musette in D Major
  • Old-Time Movie
  • Premier Toccatina
  • Red Rock Rag
  • Sonatina in C Major
  • Spanish Guitars
  • Spring
  • The Steeplechase
  • Tarantella Siciliano
  • A Winter’s Tale