In October, Fazioli struck more than a chord on the international stage. The esteemed piano maker won further acclaim when all three of the final round “Fazioli pianists” succeeded in victory as prize winners—to the tune of first prize, third prize, and fifth prize. 

This monumental achievement coincides with Fazioli’s 40th anniversary, marking it as a year to truly remember. After the prize announcement, many took to social media to note the performances—as well as the significant presence of the preferred make, Fazioli. 

Fazioli on the Grand Stage

It wasn’t long before Fazioli was being showcased on the grand stage—a keynote feature in an array of beautiful, awe-inspiring concerto performances. Three renowned pianists exercised their fine-tuned piano finesse on the hand-made keys of a Fazioli. 

Finalist results were deliberated into the wee hours of the morning in Warsaw, with prize winners being notified at 2 a.m. their time. First-prize glory belonged to Bruce (Xiaoyu) Lee, a Montreal-based pianist who amazed with his emotional breadth and technical proficiency performing Chopin’s Piano Concerto in E Minor Op. 11. 

Other Fazioli-performing prize winners included Martin Garcia Garcia, awarded third prize and best concerto performance. Leonora Armellini secured the fifth prize in the Chopin Competition, the likes of which awards six finalists as prize winners. 

A Play for the Prize

The final performance series and showcase ends a months-long competition which began in July of this year. The competition started with a total of 151 members—and an application pool of more than 500. The competition typically is done once every five years; however, the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic caused it to be delayed until now. 

The finale in Warsaw saw 12 finalists performing over three days in the prestigious Warsaw Philharmonic Concert Hall. They were accompanied by the National Philharmonic Orchestra under the direction of maestro Andrzej Boreyko. After the results were announced, some finalists noted how the pandemic allowed them to increase their focus on the craft during worldwide shut-ins early on. 

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