The Beatles or Johnny and The Moondogs

The Beatles or Johnny and The Moondogs

The Best Name Change In History

The Beatles were not only musical and social geniuses, but the band name, “The Beatles,” is one of the most well-known brands in the rockin’ roll world. That’s why it is hard to even fathom songs like, Paperback Writer, Love Me Do, and Eight Days a Week coming from anyone else, but at one point The Beatles were called Johnny and The Moondogs. Whoever came up with the idea to change band names, should be forever enshrined in the good ideas hall of fame. That being said I am sure Johnny and The Moondogs would have been just as successful as the name The Beatles, but it does make one ponder about how simple a name change affects a bands image. None the less, whether you prefer Johnny and The Moondogs or the latter, the iconic music of the fab four would have been just as iconic as it is now with a different band name.

Johnny and The Moondogs

Birmingham, AL Music Store | Johnny and The Moondogs before The Beatles| Ellis Piano

The Beatles

Birmingham Music Store | The Beatles or Johnny and The Moondogs | Ellis Piano