Yamaha C7X Acoustic Semi Concert Grand Piano

Yamaha C7X Acoustic Semi Concert Grand Piano

The Yamaha C7X Acoustic Semi Concert Grand Piano, is the top of the line in the CX Series. Great for Churches, Hotels, Schools, Concerts and all sorts of Large Venues. Yamaha has been developing one of the world’s most classic and recognizable sounds, and that has carried over into the CX line. By, integrating premium woods, hammers, and strings, the CX Series is one of the most sought after piano lines in the world. Come try out one of the CX Series today!

Main Features

CX Tone Dynamics:

  • One of the most crucial aspects of a piano is tone. The CX Series Pianos, provide a musician with all the tools for exerting an unparalleled dynamic range. This is in due part to the construction of the piano. The back frame of the piano is one of the biggest factors in creating such a response, and in the CX Series the back frame is 20% larger than on other pianos.


CX Soundboard:

  • The soundboard is the heart of a piano, and Yamaha has taken extraordinary care in crafting woods that project like no other. The CX Series has taken the engineering advances placed in the CFX Concert line and implemented them into the CX construction process.  This ensures an unsurpassed response in the creation of music.


CX Wire:

  • Not only does the CX Series use incredible construction, but also new revolutionary music wire. This allows the musician to really hear the complex overtones produced by the middle and upper registers.


CX Frame:

  • Yamaha is one of the leading experts in frame making. Yamaha makes their own frames from a build called the “vacuum process.” The CX Series also has special coatings on the frame that helps the overall acoustic characteristics of the piano.


CX Voicing and Regulation:

  • Like most aspects of the CX Series pianos, the hammers benefit from the craftsmanship and engineering implemented in the CFX Concert Series. The hammers are more powerful, responsive, and tonal than previous models. Yamaha also builds there own hammers, unlike most manufacturers. This allows them to custom build hammers for the different models and sizes in the CX Series.



Length: 7 feet and 6 inches

Width: 61 inches

Height: 40 and 1/2 inches

Weight: 913 pounds

Right Pedal: Damper

Middle Pedal: Full Sostenuto

Left Pedal: Soft


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