Schimmel C213 Classic Grand Piano

Schimmel C213 Classic Grand Piano

The Schimmel C213 Classic Grand Piano, is an innovative hand-built piano. Great for Churches, Hotels, Schools, Concerts and all sorts of Large Venues. Schimmel has been developing some of the world’s most elegant tones for generations and the Classic series continues that wonderful accomplishment. Schimmel is known for their exquisite beauty and premium touch and that is why they are such a sought after piano. Come try out one of the Classic Series today!

Main Features

The largest Classic Grand Piano is the C213 and is based on the design characteristics of the full size Koncert Grand Piano K 280. The sound system in the C213 is takes away some of the major tones of the middle and treble section of the K 280 and also part of the engineering of its action. This innovative crossover was distributed to the Classis Series, and this is why Schimmel is such a unique company.


Length: 7 feet

Width: 61 inches

Height: 40 and 1/2 inches

Weight: 869 pounds

Right Pedal: Damper

Middle Pedal: Full Sostenuto

Left Pedal: Soft

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