Schimmel: 7′ Grand (2000)

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Passion and Courage is the founding and consistent force that innovates and creates one of the most prestigious handcrafted pianos in the world. Schimmel’s humble upbringings describe a desire to learn and a drive to achieve excellence. Wilhelm Schimmel founded the Schimmel corporation in 1885, in the heart of Leipzig Germany. Prior to that, Mr. Schimmel worked as a piano technician and manufacturer while he completed his apprenticeship. His pianos grew famous for their attention to detail and advanced designs.

In 1927, Mr. Schimmel passed the company down to his son, Wilhelm Arno Schimmel. Wilhelm Arno incorporated not only his father’s zeal but his father’s passion, by insuring that his father’s slogan “Quality will prevail” be etched into the DNA of each craftsman and technician. Wilhelm Arno relocated the company to Braunschweig, Germany to pave the way for new designs, innovations, and to keep with the original slogan.

After 125 years, Schimmel Acoustic Pianos are still produced the same way the original family built their first acoustic pianos. They are still handcrafting Schimmel Acoustic Pianos of the future, while maintaining the idea that “Quality will prevail.” This is shown through the creation of their Konzert series and Classic series. Passion is the driving force imbedded into Schimmel Acoustic Pianos, by embellishing new innovations and designs for every generation.


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