Kawai K-500 Acoustic Professional Upright Piano

Kawai K-500 Acoustic Professional Upright Piano

The Kawai K-500 Acoustic Professional Upright Piano is one of Kawai’s most sought after upright pianos. It comes fully loaded with an explosive tone and solid design. The K-500 is great for beginners and professionals alike and works well in homes, churches, institutions, and many almost any practice and rehearsal venues. The Kawai K Series is the go to piano in Professional Upright Pianos. Come try a K Series Piano out today!

Main Features

K Series Touch:

  • The touch of a piano is an essential key to inspiration and enjoyment. The Kawai K Series embodies this element with maximum precision and premium parts. Here are a few examples of maximum precision and premium parts. Their Die-Cast Aluminum Action Brackets are custom made from molds, and are die-cast to insure exact uniformity and strength for each bracket. The Dual-Beam Aluminum Action Rail insures that the action rail, or spine of the piano, is strong and stable. The K Series Actions are built with ABS-Carbon Parts which resists the shrinking and swelling due to humidity and adds increased strength. The New K Series also supports extended keys which make playing easier and more responsive.


K Series Tone:

  • Kawai is a company that has built a reputation on the combination of technology and tradition, and this is how the Kawai tone was created. Some of the elements of this exceptional tone are: T-Stapled Double Felted Hammers, Tapered Soundboards Made of Solid Spruce, Full-Length Ribs Notched to the Rim Liner, Bridges, and Kawai’s Energy Reflective Contour Bars. The Contour Bars reshape and reflect the speaking part of the soundboard, while increasing tonal power and sustain.


K Series Strength:

  • The Kawai piano is one of the strongest an most durable pianos in the industry. The K Series embodies the strength and stability through elements like: Plate Bolts, Keybed and Braces, Steel-Reinforced Keyslip, Tuning Pins, Square-Tube Pedal Levers, and Kawai’s Multi-Grip Pinblock. The Multi-Grip Pinblock is multi-laminated with a minimum of eleven cross-branded layers of North American hard maple.


K Series Detail:

  • The K Series is not just strong, but they are also elegant. The true craftsmanship and subtle details create an instrument that is truly sublime. The only way to know how truly great the K Series is, is to play one for yourself.


Height: 51 inches
Width: 59 inches
Depth: 24.5 inches
Weight: 525 pounds
Right Pedal: Damper
Middle Pedal: MutePractice Function
Left Pedal: Soft


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