Kawai GX-3 Acoustic Conservatory Grand Piano

Kawai GX-3 Acoustic Conservatory Grand Piano

The Kawai GX-3 Acoustic Conservatory Grand Piano is apart of Kawai’s prestigious BLAK Series. The distinctive tone of the GX-3 BLAK Piano incorporates qualities of a much larger grand piano, and is great for Churches, Homes, Institutions, and venues of medium to large sizes. The Kawai GX BLAK Series is a staple in the piano industry, that ensures the highest quality. Come try out one of the GX BLAK Series Pianos today!

Main Features

GX BLAK Touch:

  • Two of the most important factors in selecting a piano is touch and tone. The GX BLAK series is in short supply of neither. This prestigious line carries the Millennium III Action. The Millennium III is equipped with ABS-Carbon with Carbon Fiber, allowing the action to not only be lighter, but also stronger at the same time. This gives the artist the ability to play fast with more dynamic control and power.



  • Kawai is one of the best at combining Technology and Tradition. This is reflected in the GX BLAK series tone. With advancements in the Rim, Soundboard, Scaling Designs, Bridge Designs, Agraffes, and especially the way it all comes together called CORE. The CORE System stands for, “Convergence for Optimum Reflected Energy.” This system centers the pianos strength and maximizes the reflective capabilities of the inner Rim for amazing tonal power and sustain. This helps to bring out all of the colors of the Konsei Katagi Rim. Which uses a blend of distinctive hardwoods that balance out an incredible tonal palate.


GX BLAK Strength:

  • If there ever was a piano that was built like a tank, it would be a Kawai. The GX BLAK series is well-crafted and tempered for an impressive showing of power and strength. This is reflective in the way Kawai engineers every aspect of the piano. A couple of the many examples are, the Reinforcement of Steel and SOLID Construction. SOLID stands for, “Stretcher Over-Lap Integrated Design,” which gives the piano better tuning stability and tonal power. SOLID Construction fits the pinblock to the plate and intern is integrated to the Stretcher Bar. This creates a structure that is solidly anchored to the rim. Also, the addition of steel in the Key Slip, Key Bed, and Music Desk make this piano one tough instrument.


GX BLAK Character:

  • Not only is the GX BLAK Series one tough lineup, but it is also full of character. The stylish Beveled Topboard, Concert Style Lid Prop, Soft Fall Fallboard, and Hard Finish Music Desk makes this piano one gorgeous instrument. Also, the GX line is built off of the BLAK principles. BLAK in Japanese suggest wisdom, experience, and nobility. The GX BLAK series embodies nearly nine decades of wisdom and experience that has made this line-up one of the most sought after series in the world!


Length: 6 feet and 2 inches
Width: 61 inches
Height: 40 inches
Weight: 734 pounds
Right Pedal: Damper
Middle Pedal: Full Sostenuto
Left Pedal: Soft Pedal


Kawai GX BLAK Series Video 1

Kawai GX BLAK Series Video 2

Kawai GX BLAK Series Video 3

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