• A diversified collection of seven intermediate level piano compositions by six outstanding composers, including Loretta Pritchard. These pieces are excellent for use in recitals or for supplementing any piano method.
  • This collection of eclectic, original solo piano compositions features a variety of styles by nine outstanding composers, including Loretta Pritchard. Ranging in level from Early Elementary to Elementary, the pieces are highly suitable for performance in recitals and are also an excellent accompaniment to any piano method, allowing students to reinforce lesson materials while learning to play new styles.
  • Jamaican Vacation is a well-suited, elementary level piece for students of all ages, including adults. The player will hear his or her piano sound like a steel drum with this catchy, upbeat solo! A playful teacher duet is also included.
  • Sunset Rose is an intermediate piano solo that features a smooth, right-hand melody accompanied primarily by broken chords in the left hand.  It is a highly appropriate composition for one who needs something that is not too difficult, yet still sounds mature. The ideal pedaling for this piece would be to half pedal, which means depressing the sustain pedal only half of the way down as opposed to all the way. This is so that the dampers touch the strings only slightly, giving a warm, legato sound that is not too blurred. The half-pedal technique is considered to be an advanced pedal technique, so, if it is too frustrating for the intermediate student to half pedal, a full pedal technique is acceptable and will still achieve a nice effect.  Measures 8, 16, 40, 48 and 72 are to be played cleanly, which requires either pedaling each beat or using no pedal at all. I hope you enjoy the opportunity to make this composition as lovely as the sunset rose itself! ~ Loretta Pritchard
  • A mid-elementary level piece that is perfect for Halloween recitals, The Lonely Ghost is equally effective as a solo or as a duet with the teacher. It features the E minor 5-finger position, a legato melody, and simple patterns.
  • With its quirky broken carousel sounds, this early-elementary solo will be a delight for beginning pianists. It features Middle C position and a fun optional teacher duet. It is also a National Federation of Music Clubs choice composition for the "One-hand Piano" category as it works for either right or left hand alone.
  • What Would You Give by Loretta Pritchard Ellis Piano in Birmingham, AL Music Store What Would You Give by Loretta Pritchard Ellis Piano in Birmingham, AL Music Store
    A medium-slow, thought-provoking praise and worship hymn which focuses on the cross and sacrificial love of Jesus. Easy to learn and, though very appropriate for Easter, is also well-suited for any time of the year. Additionally, it is an excellent educational tool for keyboardists who are learning to read and improvise lead sheets.


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