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Birmingham, AL Music Store | Francis Scott Key Knabe Piano | Ellis PianoThe WM. Knabe & Co. has a rich history dating back more than 200 years ago. Wilhelm (William) Knabe founded the piano company in 1837 in Baltimore, Maryland. Knabe pianos quickly gained recognition and even became part of American. Francis Scott Key composer of “The Star-Spangled Banner” commissioned Mr. Knabe to build a custom square grand piano for his home.

In 1891, Peter Ilyich Tchaikovsky, one of the world’s greatest composers, was at the official opening of Carnegie Hall. Knabe was able to sponsor the event and have Tchaikovsky as a guest conductor for the opening engagement which featured one of their grand pianos.

Birmingham, AL Music Store | New York Metropolitan Opera Knabe Letter | Ellis PianoKnabe’s rich history continues in 1926. Knabe Acoustic Pianos were chosen as the official piano of the New York Metropolitan Opera. A Knabe grand piano was played by some of the greatest artist in History.

Knabe Acoustic Pianos are now being built by the world’s third largest instrument builder Samick. Samick has preserved the Knabe name and have re-introduced some of Knabe’s original concepts. These concepts include the Baltimore Series, Academy Series, and Concert Series. By having such a diverse group of exceptional pianos, Knabe along with Samick has created a fantastic product for beginners and professionals alike. Come play one today on our show room floor.

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