How a Piano Saved a Pharmacist

A Pharmacist’s Best Medicine

Kristin Kennamer had been an unhappy student in Pharmacy School at Samford University for only a short time when she decided that Pharmacy was not for her. She announced her plans to drop out to the assistant dean, but the dean encouraged Kristin to give it just a little while longer. In the meantime, Kristin decided to purchase a piano for her college room from Ellis Piano. She already owned a piano, but it was back at her home and she was not able to bring it with her to school. She bought a Hazelton upright and when she was able to start playing again, it changed her entire outlook! She stayed in Pharmacy School and earned her degree. In Kristin’s own words, “That piano got me through Pharmacy School!”

Kristin H9Kristin H1Kristin H11

That was over 15 years ago, but today, Kristin’s passion for piano is still just as great as she very recently purchased another piano from Ellis Piano . . . a beautiful handmade Shigeru Kawai grand. How did she know that the Shigeru was “the one?” She said, “At some point, I was no longer playing it . . . it was playing me. And that was it. The Shigeru played me.”

Kristin H8

Just how passionate about piano is Kristin? She is an advanced pianist, plays beautifully and even writes music. She also dressed up like a grand piano one year for Halloween!   How interesting that a lady who dispenses medicine for a living discovered a long time ago that, for her, the best prescription is music – especially PIANO music! Thanks to the piano, there is one more excellent pharmacist in the world.