Yamaha Acoustic Pianos

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Birmingham Music Store | Yamaha: CX Piano On Stage | Ellis PIanoYamaha Acoustic Pianos are known for their superier quality and performance, while creating a piano, thats not only one of the world’s most dependable and reliable instruments, but is also an oustanding value. This is why Yamaha is the largest manufacturer in the world and their pianos speak for themselves.

Yamaha Acoustic Pianos reflect a wide range of tone and dynamics, and the advantages that each instrument offers is immediately understood once the first string is struck. For educational, institutional, or enthusiastic purposes, Yamaha Acoustic Pianos are instruments that are versatile and unique, as they grow along with you.

It has been over 110 years now since the founder Torakusa Yamaha layed the plans for  a company that would lead the world in performance and quality. Yamaha is continuously pursuing this idea as they work with the the latest materials and advances in technology. This is shown through the Yamaha U series, which is one of the world’s most popular pianos, and the incredible CX series, which Yamaha has dawned as one of its signature pianos for anyone looking for a high performance instrument. Yamaha also incorporates highly advanced electronics and software in their Silent Drive and Disklavier Pianos.

Birmingham Music Store | Yamaha Silent Drive | Ellis Piano

We invite you to explore these and many other instruments, as we have placed them side by side so that you, the customer, can decide for yourself which piano you have a passion for.