Kawai Acoustic Pianos

Birmingham Music Store | Kawai: GX Blak | Ellis PianoFor over 80 years, Kawai has earned an oustanding reputation for its quality and workmanship in the manufacturing and crafting of musical instruments. As a result Kawai Acoustic Pianos has earned their spot as the world’s second largest piano manufacturer in the world.

Building upon the foundation layed by Koichi Kawai, the dedicated craftsmen and technicians follow his singular pursuit – “to inovate the future of their instrumnents by skillfully merging, traditional craftmanshp with the newest technologies and materials.”  This creates a never ending quest for absolute perfection. Kawai is still owned and operated by the same family tree that started it all, and they are now in their third generation.Birmingham, AL Music Store | Kawai K Series Upright Pianos | Ellis Piano

Kawai Acoustic Pianos are built with the up most care and this is shown through all of their pianos, but most notably the K and GX series. The K sreies has won piano of the year 4 years in a row and the GX series is a performance machine like no other, built with the latest and strongest materials available.

We invite you to explore Kawai Acoustic Pianos and many other instruments, as we have placed them side by side so that you, the customer, can decide for yourself which piano you have a passion for.