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Birmingham, AL Music Store | Fazioli Acoustic Piano Logo | Ellis PianoPaolo Fazioli was born in Rome in 1944, into a family of furniture makers. From a very early age he demonstrated a gift for music and a keen interest in the piano. He consequently started taking piano lessons and continued his piano studies thorough his high school and university years, during which he developed a keen interest in the piano construction technology, broadening his knowledge by visiting manufacturing and restoration workshops and reading the most authoritative literature on the subject.

Birmingham, AL Music Store | Fazioli Acoustic Piano: Building Piano | Ellis PianoIn 1969, he graduated from the University of Rome with a degree in Mechanical Engineering and in 1971 he received a degree in piano performance from the G. Rossini Conservatory in Pesaro, under the guidance of Maestro Sergio Cafaro. At the same time, he earned a master’s degree in Music Composition at the St Cecilia Academy in Rome, where he studied under the composer Boris Porena. In the meantime, his elder brothers took over the family business, manufacturing office furniture and exporting it throughout the world under the brand of MIM (Mobili Italiani Moderni). The Turin factory specialized in the production of metal furniture, while the Sacile factory (in the province of Pordenone) manufactured wood furniture using rare and exotic woods such as teak, mahogany and rosewood.

Paolo Fazioli joined the company after graduation, honing his management skills as a production planning manager first in Rome and then at the Turin factory, while at the same time developing his expertise in wood processing. However, he soon left the family business in order to pursue his dream of designing and building new pianos. He began by devoting himself to the in-depth study of contemporary grand piano production, analyzing their structure and performance while consulting researchers and experts in the field. His family, and particularly his eldest brother Virgilio, who was an expert in wood technology, were hugely supportive, providing him with the support needed to carry out research, development and production. During this initial phase, Paolo Fazioli defined the basic features of the piano he wanted to build. He was convinced that, by introducing a number of design changes based on the latest research in acoustics and material development, he would be able to build an innovative and superior instrument.

Birmingham, AL Music Store | Fazioli Acoustic Pianos: Paulo Fazioli Playing Piano | Ellis PianoAt the end of the 1970s, Paolo Fazioli’s expertise in traditional piano manufacturing, coupled with his research, experience and creativity, finally brought about the establishment of a new business. The Fazioli Piano Factory was established within the Sacile furniture plant, about 40 miles north of Venice. This choice of location fulfilled a number of organizational and production needs: materials were close to hand, as were research and analysis laboratories and, most importantly, specialized craftsmen. In 1979, he started designing his first prototype for a baby grand piano. He was assisted by a small team consisting of Professor Pietro Righini, an expert in musical acoustics, and Professor Guglielmo Giordano, an eminent wood technologist, as well as Virgilio Fazioli and Lino Tiveron. The prototype of the F183 model was completed in June 1980, followed at the end of the year by the prototypes of two other models, the F156 and the F278.

Birmingham, AL Music Store | Fazioli Acoustic Piano: Fazioli F212 Grand Piano | Ellis PianoIn January 1981, Fazioli Pianoforti srl was officially incorporated. The prototypes of the models F183, F156 and F278 were presented to the press and trade professionals. Participants to the press conference included the renowned musicologist Piero Rattalino, in addition to professors Giordano and Righini. In February, the same pianos were exhibited at the Frankfurt Musikmesse, where the presence of an Italian piano-maker created something of a sensation. In the second half of that year, work began on the prototype of the F228 model. In the meantime, pianist Nikita Magalof accepted an invitation to visit the Sacile factory and successfully performed in concert on a F278 concert grand piano.

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Birmingham, AL Music Store | Fazioli Acoustic Piano: Paulo Fazioli | Ellis PianoToday, Fazioli hand-crafts a number of amazing pianos and has been recognized as one of the best piano manufacturers in the world. Their attention to detail shines through every piano with a carefully crafted tone that sparkles. Ellis Piano is proud to carry one of the best hand-built pianos in the world. Come in today and play one of these incredible instruments.