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Bösendorfer is one of the oldest and most famous piano companies in the world. Their extraordinary attention to detail and unrivaled craftsmanship, establishes, Bosendorfer Acoustic Pianos as the finest instruments in the world.

Ignaz Bösendorfer was born in Vienna, Austria in 1794. His father was a carpenter master and craftsman. Ignaz studied at the Academy of Fine Arts where he showed a great skill for musicality and technical competence. At the age of 19 he accepted an apprenticeship with well-known piano builder Joseph Brodman. In 1828 Ignaz had earned enough capital to take over Brodman’s piano workshops. In July of that year Bösendorfer was established.Birmingham, AL Music Store | Ignaz Bosendorfer | Ellis Piano

Since, 1828 Bösendorfer has continually improved their instruments, by always striving for the best. This was never more apparent than with Franz Liszt. Liszt still to this day is considered one of the greatest pianist to ever touch an ivory. His fire, passion, and power exhausted ever ounce of energy from the instruments musical ability, and the piano Liszt was using at this time could not hold up to his performances. Bosendorfer pianos were the solution. After a show Bosendorfer would take the concert piano back, and see how they could improve the mechanics that might have failed. This is were Bosendorfer rose to prominence, creating the most durable piano in the industry. Franz Liszt went on to write, “The perfection of a Bösendorfer exceeds my most ideal expectations…” Still to this day Bosendorfer adheres to this philosophy.

Birmingham, AL Music Store | Franz Liszt Bosendorfer Acoustic Piano | Ellis PianoIn 1859, Ignaz was succeed by his son Ludwig. Ludwig continued were his father left off and in 1860 he moved into a larger facility in Neu-Wien (New Vienna). Within ten years the Neu-Wien facility had become too small and Ludwig moved to Graf Starhemberg Gasse 14 in Vienna’s Fourth District. Ludwig within 11 years had taken the company to unparalleled heights.

From Kings to Queens, and Emperors to Empresses, Bosendorfer Acoustic Pianos are the finest and most highly esteemed pianos in the world. Today, Bosendorfer is owned by the Yamaha Corporation and their pianos are being built better than ever.  With close to 200 years of experience in piano building combined with Yamaha’s expertise in technology and innovation, Bosendorfer has once again reached the pinnacle of piano craftsmanship. Bosendorfer Acoustic Pianos are still made in Vienna, Austria and are known as a National Treasure by the Viennese Government.Birmingham, AL Music Store | Bosendorfer Acoustic Pianos Extra Keys | Ellis Piano

Bosendorfer has constantly implemented new and revolutionary designs into their pianos. Some notable practices and designs are: Air Drying Wood Technics (dries wood for over 5 years), Independent Capo d’astro (allows for greater precision),  Single Stringing and Hand Spun Bass Strings, Open Pin-Block, and the finest spruce in all of Europe. The most noticeable design, is the ability to play with extra keys. Bosendorfer adds extra bass keys to allow for sympathetic overtones, which create a sound that is truly unique and sublime.

Ellis Piano is proud to have the world’s finest piano back on its showroom floor. Come in and try one today and explore your Passion for Piano.

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